The Ecothon


How Environmentally Innovative Can We Get?

Ecothon is based on a project started in 2019 by two high schoolers, Shivi and Shrey, which aimed to create modular structures made completely out of waste plastic and other environmental solutions. Though the project has constantly evolved in new directions, the main goal has remained the same: to make a completely carbon positive habitable structure in the most sustainable and accessible way possible.

Today, Shivi and Shrey are experimenting primarily with bricks made from waste plastic, through a process of heat and compression. They founded Ecothon to find young people and ideas they could work with to expand their project. From construction method to sewage disposal, they are looking for the most creative ideas that when amalgamated will create a shelter individuals can use for research, for experiential living or to expand on in other ways. A model that will be under construction forevermore. A hub of research on environmental technology by students.

Meet The Founders

22_Khater_Shrey (1).jpg

Shrey Khater

Student, The Harker School California, USA

Shrey is a future entrepreneur and social innovator who wants to use solutions that are hidden all around us to solve the world’s pressing issues.


Shivi anand

Student, Pathways School Gurgaon, India

Shivi is a future environmentalist who wishes to create systems that will enable humanity to live sustainably within the environment.