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Chance to join design labs after event

Why Ecothon?

Does the climate crisis impassion you? Do you wish you could design and innovate in a uniquely environmental way?


Ecothons are online design conferences for qualified students. 


Collaborate with like-minded high-school students from around the world and interact with university professors and experts in the field in each event. No prior knowledge needed. A true learning experience.


The reward? Your name, headshot and your team's ideas will be featured on our website in the event you participated in. If your team is a finalist, you will be distinctly featured. You will receive a certificate of participation. If you are a winner, you will receive an additional winner's certificate. 


Additionally, after the Ecothon, if you are interested in continuing your association with us or the runners of your ecothon, you will have the opportunity to join a design lab and work on your ideas in real life over the next 6 months with them and other chosen participants. If your team is a finalist, you will be automatically eligible to join and if not, you can still apply.


We aren't interested in your money. We want your energy, your ideas, and your passion.

First come first serve. Sign up now.





feel powerful. be bold. change the world. do something you'll love. intellectually stimulating. rewarding. something that matters. exercise creative thinking and design. team work. communication. social skills. accept feedback. make mistakes. recover. fail. then fail again. grow.